Paul Bennett -- Plein air painter
Paintings with passion


Lovely work Paul. I particularly like your bolder works. It was a pleasure meeting you and seeing so many inspiring artists today. Sincerely, Barbara
Barbara Lee - 9 Jul 2014
Looking forward to your visit to our Studio 30 Art Club this week Paul. Gerry Moore President
Gerry Moore - 21 Nov 2011
We always will remember visiting the JAG, meeting Paul, and purchasing two of his exquisite oils. Back home in New Jersey, we now awaken to a stunning scene in Jasper National Park, captured on canvas so perfectly by Paul.
Madeline and Alan Monheit - 20 Sep 2011
Hi. We bought your "Lake O'hara" print at the firehall in Jasper. The vivid colors stirred our imaginations of that beautiful lake. Thank you for touching us.
Andy Matos - 18 Aug 2011
I am impressed Paul. Good on you..Good luck jesi
Jesi Barron - 14 Jun 2010
Hi Paul - congrat's on the new website! we're sending you another email with more, in depth, personal, creative thoughts on it...
geri - 25 Feb 2010

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